Welcome to the Old Texas Soda Company. We are a father and son business dedicated to making your addition to our company a great experience. We have been in the soda business since 1937 with four generations of experience behind us.

We offer a well known name in the fair and festival industry. Old Texas Soda has been traveling the country since 2011 and growing each and every day. Our stainless steel mugs are the most attractive souvenir a person can purchase when attending one of our scheduled events. We gladly offer continuous refills all day long of our special blend sodas such as Root Beer, Birch Beer, Vanilla Cream, Diet Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Orange, Grape and Cherry.

You will experience long lines to your stand at almost every event. Huge profits will come your way without enormous efforts. The most attractive part of being a franchisee of Old Texas Soda is the excellent tech support by the inventor and creator of the most reliable soda system ever. Experience the well thought out back up systems built into your soda stand. When you have long lines on a busy day, you cannot afford to be inoperable. Old Texas Soda has thought of everything to assure you that your soda system will work well with virtually no problems at all.

Please give us a call or contact us through this website and we will gladly share our company information with you! You can call Michael Curci at 917-863-2053. Thank you for taking the time to explore the Old Texas Soda Company.

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