Our stainless steel mugs are of 304 grade stainless. So it is pure stainless that will not rust. It is dishwasher safe and very durable. We engrave the logos into our stainless mugs and print the logos on our stainless/powder coated mugs with a heavy duty clear coat. Every logo is clear, crisp and exactly the same. We believe Old Texas Soda Co. would make a great addition to your business.

  • 32oz. Straight Jailhouse Stainless Mug (100 Mugs per Case, 19”x23”x25”)
  • 32oz. Stainless Barrel Mug Ribbed (80 Mugs per Case, 19”x23”x23”)
  • 50oz. Stainless Barrel Mug are available special order only (60 Mugs per Case, 19”x23”x23”)
  • 24oz. Stainless Insulated Barrel Mug (40 Mugs per Case, 19”x23”x23”)
  • 32oz. Stainless Powder Coated Straight Jailhouse Mug Any Color (100 per Case, 19”x23”x25”)
  • 24oz. Stainless Powder Coated Straight Mug Any Color are available special order only (100 per Case)
  • 32oz. Stainless Powder Coated Barrel Mug Any Color (80 per Case, 19”x23”x23”)

Make your Old Texas Mug a collectable with custom logos engraved!

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